Most Creative MMOs

Most Creative MMOs

When considering the most creative MMOs, we first have to consider several factors, and it all began with just a few ideas. Before developers even began creating their immense colorful worlds with great characters and stories, your favorite game was nothing more than just a few thoughts circling around people’s heads. These thoughts would then be vocalized, written down, analyzed, criticized and adjusted before even being considered for the final product. And even after this process, a lot of ideas that would make the final cut would still fall under easily recognizable ideas that already existed, just slightly adjusted and tweaked.

An ogre that can smash smaller characters but this one is blue instead of green, or a story about an evil villain who wants to take over the world but instead of destroying it, this villain just wants to enslave everyone! We all know these themes and ideas. It doesn’t automatically mean that these games are bad or not enjoyable, but copy/paste too much and these games might die in their alpha or beta phase. It’s been done already.

Other times, the creativity of developers seems to have no boundaries and everything feels fresh and new. These creative ideas can bring you something you’ve never experienced or seen before. Cities that are built upside down, a giant mount that you have to control with two players at the same time, or worlds made purely by the players themselves where other players can help you craft (or destroy) your world. Originality and creativity is not a guarantee for success per sé but it can help immensely! Not only does it tickle people’s fantasies and offer something people have never experienced before, it can also be the basis for new types of gameplay or even a new genre.

We thought it’d be a neat way to celebrate the creativity of developers and take a look at the most creative MMOs out there, but we need your help!

Most Creative MMOs


Which MMO do you think is the most creative? Who has the most well thought up and coherent worlds? Who’s got the most wacky, crazy ideas? Or simply the most fantastic characters? Which game is the one that inspired others companies to “borrow” their mechanics? Or is so out of this world that no other MMO can copy anything from it?

Voting Rules

Let us know which game(s) you find the most creative. You can vote twice a day. Also please do drop your thoughts in the comments as we are very curious about your motivations!