Reader’s Choice: The Best of Gamescom 2015

gamescom bannerGamescom 2015 is on record as the biggest ever, with more games and more people than have ever been seen in the past. We’ve selected 50 of the titles who had a presence at Gamescom, though sadly the MMOGames team didn’t get to see them all. There is only so much time in the day after all.

But we want to know what you thought was the best! Maybe you were lucky enough to attend in person or maybe you just watched from home; either way Gamescom 2015 was an exciting one for online gamers.

If you’re looking for more about Gamescom and the MMOGames coverage of it so far this year you can find it all in one place here.


From Blizzard announcing the next expansion of World of Warcraft to seeing indie titles like The Red Solstice there really was something there for gamers of all types. But with over 300 games on display at Gamescom and untold numbers more hidden behind the scenes locked by embargos we’re really struggling to work out what our favorite was. Would it be cheating if we just declared the players the real winners of Gamescom? With so many fantastic games to see it really is the truth, we are the winners of Gamescom.


If we’ve missed a game let us know in the comments and we’ll add it to the list! Voting ends on August 27th as we start preparing for PAX Prime.