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Speed Round: City of Heroes Successor Showdown – City of Titans vs Valiance Online

This week we feature two highly anticipated MMOs that are both considered spiritual successors to one of our most loved superhero-themed online games: City of Heroes. We could only be talking about City of Titans and Valiance Online, of course, both of which are highly anticipated by fans of the superhero MMO genre. But this week, we can only have one winner, so who will be the ultimate City of Heroes successor? Take your pick below!

city of titans superhero mmorpg concept art

City of Titans, previously named The Phoenix Project, was the first spiritual successor for City of Heroes to appear in the MMO landscape. It is developed by Missing Worlds Media, a virtual studio staffed by volunteers and backed by fans on Kickstarter,with the goal of bringing back the superhero spirit and universe to the MMO scene. Players can choose to be either superheroes or villains and developers wish to provide a wide degree of customization via a flexible framework and the possibility to personalize one’s powers with an individual “signature style” called Mastery.

Valiance Online city of heroes successor

Valiance Online is set in the city of San Cielo, on the coast of California, in a time when humans have learned how to harness unlimited amounts of magical energy in order to become real superheroes, or villains. This choice is also offered to players along with other exciting possibilities to customize their characters. The roles offered are quite varied and the power sets can be explored via skill trees, enabling players to choose very different power combinations so as to find the best style for their characters. Both PvE and PvP will be available.

Voting will continue until March 29. You can vote every day and can even vote for a different game each time. So pick your favorite now and let us know in the comments why you chose it!

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