EverQuest ii

Speed Round: EverQuest II vs Final Fantasy XI

Our final speed round for the month of February puts two classic fantasy MMORPGs against each other. EverQuest II might have been the successor to one of the most well-known first-generation MMORPGs, but Final Fantasy XI was the first true console MMORPG.

everquest 2

Released in 2004, EverQuest II was developed and published by Sony Online Entertainment. Despite its age, EverQuest II is still receiving new expansions and content updates. What set EverQuest II apart from many other MMORPGs of its time was the option to choose good, evil, or neutral classes. This choice directly affected the player experience, and players could even change sides after a lengthy quest chain.

Final Fantasy XI

Final Fantasy XI, released in 2002, was the first online game for the renowned Final Fantasy series. Instead of focusing on normal class selection, players acquire jobs. There are six standard jobs at the beginning and additional ones unlock after level 30. Final Fantasy XI is heavily influenced by Final Fantasy III and was developed by the team that created Chrono Cross. Due to its success, Square decided to shift focus to deliver content on more platforms to expand the company’s global reach.

So does your loyalty lie in the world of Norrath or Vana’diel? Voting will continue until March 1. You can vote every 8 hours and can even vote for a different game each time.