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Speed Round: Heroes of the Storm vs SMITE

It’s fairly well-known that League of Legends and Dota 2 are definitely the big boys on the block when it comes to MOBAs. However, during the past few years many other developers have attempted to recreate that success. While many tried and failed, both Heroes of the Storm and SMITE have retained a relatively large following and have become successful in their own right.

heroes of the storm

Heroes of the Storm differentiates itself with its wide array of maps with multiple objectives. Unlike most other MOBAs, players in Heroes of the Storm are discouraged from sitting in a single lane all game. Furthermore, each map puts a varying degree on the importance of secondary objectives. Allowing the enemy to get three Tributes on Cursed Hallow is significantly more damaging than losing a cannon barrage in Towers of Doom. Contributing to the success of HotS is the all-star cast from previous Blizzard games from StarCraft to Warcraft and everything in between.


Instead of changing up the maps and capitalizing on well-known heroes, SMITE went a completely different route. Unlike most other MOBAs, which use RTS style gameplay, SMITE went with the third-person viewpoint. This makes SMITE play a little more like a shooter than other games in the genre and allowed it to branch out to consoles. Additionally, SMITE has enrolled gods from all types of polytheistic beliefs to create an instant connection to many players. I mean who doesn’t want to sling lightning bolts as Zeus or devour enemies as Fenrir.

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