Star Citizen

Speed Round: Kickstarter Champions – Crowfall vs Star Citizen

Every once and awhile we see a videogame crowdfunding campaign explode in unprecedented popularity. Usually, this is in part due to nostalgia as a spiritual successor or attempting something that the industry hasn’t seen before. Some of the more popular Kickstarters include Shenmue 3, Mighty no. 9, and the Ouya. Clearly, even a large amount of funding doesn’t always mean excellent results. The Ouya is already forgotten and Mighty no. 9 has received less-than-stellar reviews.

However, the MMORPG genre has recently been blessed with two exceptional Kickstarter projects in the form of Crowfall and Star Citizen. Each of these campaigns has raised an exceptional amount of money, and Star Citizen has demolished all kinds of records. Even with all this funding at their disposal, will either of these campaigns be able to deliver their promises? Let us know which project you think will come to realization by voting below!


First up we have Crowfall, which is developed by ArtCraft and considered a “Throne War Simulator.” The draw here is that Crowfall is essentially a bunch of massive PvP scenarios that will be separated by campaign servers. Each server will have different rules and last for a set amount of time. In addition to the campaigns, each player will have their own Eternal Kingdom that can be built to their liking. Build a castle and defend it against hordes of undead, or create a peaceful farming community. Players can piece their kingdoms together like Tetris pieces based on what they’ve acquired through playing campaigns.

Star Citizen

Star Citizen is a completely different beast. While Crowfall is focusing on PvP and land customization, Star Citizen is literally trying to do everything… in space. Included in Star Citizen will be a persistent MMO universe, Star Marine, Arena Commander, and Squadron 42. Basically, the finished game will have something for everyone who happens to like space or shooting things. However, there has been more controversy surrounding Star Citizen than basically any other game to date. This is mostly due to the $117 million (at this time) in funding that the game has received and the very little progress it has to show. Many are now wondering if Robert Space Industries knows how to properly manage its funding or if the game will ever see the completed state that was promised.

Voting will continue until August 2. You can vote every day and can even vote for a different game each time. So pick your favorite now and let us know in the comments why you chose it!