Top F2P MMO of 2015

There is no denying that F2P MMOs and subscription based MMOs are two entirely different beasts.You have different expectations for them which is why we’ve made a special category just for F2P MMOs. But that brings us to the question, what is the top F2P MMO of 2015? You tell us by voting below.



There is one thing I miss in many games and it is something that Aion wants to give me. The ability to soar, to fly free of the bounds of silly gravity. This year the Winds of Fate have bouyed up players and brought two new zones for people to romp around in. Atreia has been with us for a few years but none of its beauty or grace has been lost in that time.


Echo of Soul

Though it shut down in several countries in Asia, this year saw the western launch of Echo of Soul. Since launching they’ve introduced one new class, two dungeons, and started a PvP season which will continue until March 2016.


Guild Wars 2

Since January we’ve been hearing all about the Heart of Thorns expansion for Guild Wars 2. There certainly was plenty to say about the new systems, the new class, the new zones… you get the idea. Something that probably doesn’t get as much fanfare but definitely should get more notice is the fact that the base game of Guild Wars 2 went from a buy to play model to free to play. There’s no longer any cost between you and the world of Tyria. Just remember, Charr are the best and need no Gods.



It’s been a hell of a year for Neverwinter. We’ve seen three modules release for the game, Elemental Evil, Strongholds and Underdark. We’ve seen Perfect World and Cryptic take Neverwinter and explode onto the Xbox One and update the game there aggressively. I’m not sure what it’d take to stop them. I’d say an act of God but considering it’s Dungeons and Dragons, Neverwinter has all the Paladins on its side. Console or PC, Neverwinter is there to entertain.


Path of Exile

As an action role playing game, Path of Exile is rather unique on this list. We could add in Devilian but that would hardly be fair as it’s only just out. That and Path of Exile doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to a fight. If ARPGs are your thing and you like the idea of a tough world out to do it’s damndest to break you, well the Path is right there.



RIFT has been free for a while now but it hasn’t been idle. This year saw the release of RIFT 3.4 Into The Wilds. The strenght of the Soul system in RIFT has always meant that any of the four callings could in a pinch fufill any of the standard roles you’d expect. Tanking Mages and healing Warriors are admittedly a little odd, Trion has also brought the Primalist out to play on Telara. If you’ve never played, there is still something just so… inspiring about coming out of the tutorial and watching the skies tear open with a planar invasion. Be sure to give it a look.

Rift Planar Squirrel Mount


God Mode is a cute way of saying “invincibility”. A short lived effect really or a cheat, hardly something normal. Unless that is you are talking about Skyforge where God Mode is kind of your standard party trick. Skyforge came down from the heavens this year and opened up the pearly gates to all comers so they can fight back against all who invade or threaten the planet. Grab some kinetic gloves or just your regular old divine sword and get your deity on.



When the MMOGames team was at Gamescom there was a question put to the Bioware team that was dealing with the buildup for Star Wars: The Old Republic and in particular the then upcoming Knights Of The Fallen Empire update. The question was simply, how is it Bioware could in four minutes make us care more about a character than any of the three prequel movies could about anything. Simply put, Bioware are masters of story and the Knights of the Fallen Empire is their return to form for players out for that sort of experience.



TERA is undergoing a metamorphosis or at least that is how it seems. This year hasseen more than a few updates to Aborea. Notably this year the Gunner came blasting onto the scene (Don’t tell my editor I went for the cheap pun) with the Brawler all but upon us as well. Mayhem has never been hard to find in TERA but now there is more motion to go with it. Eternally gorgeous, TERA clearly has more up its sleeve for next year even as it ends this one with a knock out. (Okay two puns… sue me)

tera brawler


Wildstar Reloaded burst onto the scene earlier this year like a hyped Chua with a new toy that is either deadly or really deadly. With that last barrier of entry to the planet Nexus obliterated, what’s there standing between people and playing a murderous furball or Space Undead Cyborg Sort Of?


Vote for your favorites every day until January 4th. Are we missing a game you’d like to see on this list? Let us know in the comments and we’ll add it right away.