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Visual Appeal: Most Beautiful MMOs

Games are a great way of making worlds feel alive. Whether you’re going for story, gameplay, social aspects or a combination of those, graphics can at least enhance the experience. Some would even go as far as saying that graphics are the main ingredient for a good game. Opinions differ, but that’s for another discussion.

Most Beautiful MMOs

Right now we would like to know your opinion about which MMO you find the most visually appealing. Which are the Most Beautiful MMOs? Which MMO can drag you into their game world with visuals alone?

Top MMOs Most Beautiful MMOs

Wait! Before you jump on your high polygon horse or your DX12 cars, just know that it’s not all about the size of your pixel, it’s also about how it’s used. Things like design, creativity and use of colors can also play a factor. In short, rich fantasies, awesome lighting effects and shaders and the most wonderful and lively looking characters and monsters can all play a part, but which game does it best?

Choose which game you find most visually appealing, or which has kept you coming back simply because it was a comforting environment to be around. Have you ever simply wanted THAT outfit or armor set complete? Fell in love with a pet or a mount? Ever entered a new zone that blew your mind, or where you return to quest for no reason other than simply to be there? Have you ever thought one of the heroes or perhaps even the bosses was so well-designed that you’ve thought about the concept designers behind all this appeal and wanted to pat their shoulder and thank them for all their hard work? That’s the type of feeling we’re going for!

Voting Rules

You can come back twice per day to vote! If you have more than one favorite, feel free to spread the love. Are you missing any titles that we desperately need in this list? Let us know in a comment below!

And remember, this is really about what you find most visually appealing!