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Website Updates

Website Updates

Website Updates

We strive to continue our website development at a steady pace, introducing new features and removing any issues that might be visible. Here you can find our latest Website Updates. If you run across something odd, please try to first clear your browser cache.

If you want our help with an issue, please check our Website FAQ page or email us via Support.

Latest Website Updates

September 20 2016

  • WordPress Core Update.
  • Improved website security.

July 19 2016

  • We have a search bar at the top of the page.
  • Voting can no longer be broken by bots (to avoid abuse).
  • Giveaways now require a captcha and a request to log in (to avoid abuse).
  • RSS feed is fixed.
  • Standard Google fonts implemented.
  • Various backend changes.
  • Disqus Commentings System is available on each of our publications.

May 24 2016

  • White background is now standard.

October 16 2015: User Friendliness Update

  • Our Authors now have a signature box underneath their¬†publications.
  • The Giveaways page now show whether keys are available before you click to the Giveaway item.
  • In the Games List, sorting by rating now works properly.
  • In the Games List, sub-genre pages now work properly.
  • In the Games List, the search button is updated.
  • In the Games List, the total amount of returned results are shown as confirmation of your search entry.
  • When you try to register with a space in your name, there is now a proper error message saying that’s not possible.

July 14 2015: Small but awesome updates

  • We are now requesting users that they disable AdBlock. We know banners can be a nuisance but they help us provide new content and website features for you!
  • Games which have been shut down now show a banner that they are ‘Shut Down’.
  • On game profiles, Genre and Type are now properly displayed in the information box on the right side.
  • Related games below game profiles should now show far more accurate suggestions for you.
  • Several backend fixes.

June 25 2015: Black and White Personalization Options

  • You can choose a black or white theme for the website.
  • Design of the Games List and Game Pages improved.

April 30 2015: New Giveaway Pages

  • The Giveaway Pages have been redesigned.
  • Several back end updates including servers.

April 21 2015: Mobile Launch

  • The website is now compatible for Mobile! Although not all elements look perfect yet, you can visit all the game profiles and read all our articles properly on your smartphone. Everything works, including the game search!

April 9 2015: Backend and New Site Section

  • We launched several back-end fixes and fixed the pages in our Footer.
  • Medals we have awarded to games can now be linked into Game Profiles.
  • We launched the MMO Fun website section and have created several pages for this section already!
  • Avatars in the Comments section are disabled. This will be reinstated when we have rebuilt the profile section.
  • Posted By details now have a new, cleaner look and feel.

April 3 2015: Game Profiles Revamped

  • The game details are neatly collected into the box on the right side.
  • Social Media sharing buttons have a nicer look and feel.
  • Giveaways are now directly linked into Game Profiles. If you’re looking at a profile and there’s a giveaway for it, you can see it immediately and get your key!
  • All articles are visible on the page itself, instead of sorted behind several tabs.
  • If you’re done browsing this game profile, you can now find related games at the bottom of the page.

March 2015:

  • We removed the Guides section and moved all the guides into the Articles section.
  • We removed Taboola in the footer as it was not something you all seem to enjoy using. Our pages look cleaner now!
  • We can now manually activate user accounts to help registered members.
  • Several back-end changes.


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