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Celtic Heroes

Celtic Heroes is one of the few 3D Mobile MMORPGs available on mobile platforms today. It offers a full MMO experience, complete with thousands of quests, monsters, weapons, items and players. Celtic Heroes allows players to experience a fully-fledged handheld MMORPG unlike any other, and all on their mobile device. This immersive story and environment is based on Celtic mythology, with a fascinating and vibrant open world for players to explore, quest, and battle together in. Set in the mythical ancient lands of Dal Riata, players must protect their world from the dark forces that threaten it. Answer the call of the hero!

Celtic Heroes Key Features

Breathtaking Graphics – Celtic Heroes runs in the Destiny Engine, providing beautiful graphics and quality of game play, entirely immersing you in Dal Riata as you rise up to defend your honour against the ferocious and mythical enemies that now threaten your ancient homeland.

True Open-World MMORPG – This is a real MMORPG, not a watered down farce; create your character, fighting as a Rogue, Warrior, Druid, Ranger, or Mage, and set off for adventure and excitement! From quests to guilds to the open market, you can immerse yourself in this vibrant world anytime, on your mobile device

Epic Gear – From weapons and armor discovered through quests and exploration to ones purchased from others, Celtic Heroes provides lots of opportunities to deck your character out in style!

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