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Crystal Saga

Crystal Saga is a Free Online Browser MMORPG that has been quickly named the #1 Browser MMO of 2011. Chose from one of five different classes, each with two specializations. As a 2.5D Browser MMO players are able to explore the virtual world with no download required. Embark on adventures with your friends completing quests, taming pets, braving dungeons and participating in daily events. PvP fans will not be left out as the games features open world PvP and ranked battlegrounds! Come experience the story and mystery of Crystal Saga!

Crystal Saga Key Features

Five Fun Classes – Choose from Knight, Rogue, Ranger, Priest, and Mage, and further refine your character by choosing one of two specializations available for each class. Which one will be your favorite?

Collect Pets – As you adventure, you can keep your eyes open for animals to capture and train! These pets will ensure that you never need to travel alone

Lots To Do – Special types of missions, such as Delivery, Plunder, and Escort, along with the standards like quests and dungeons, guarantee you will never be out of things to do!

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