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dota-defense-of-the-ancients-warcraft-mmo-gaes-screenshot-1 dota-defense-of-the-ancients-warcraft-mmo-gaes-screenshot-3 dota-defense-of-the-ancients-warcraft-mmo-gaes-screenshot-2 dota-defense-of-the-ancients-warcraft-mmo-gaes-screenshot-4
  • dota-defense-of-the-ancients-warcraft-mmo-gaes-screenshot-1
  • dota-defense-of-the-ancients-warcraft-mmo-gaes-screenshot-3
  • dota-defense-of-the-ancients-warcraft-mmo-gaes-screenshot-2
  • dota-defense-of-the-ancients-warcraft-mmo-gaes-screenshot-4

Defense of the Ancients (DOTA)

Defense of the Ancients, or DOTA, was a simple Warcraft 3 mod that spawned a whole new genre of gaming and completely revolutionized the gaming industry. Experience the history and see what started it all for yourself!

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    Available Now (WC3 Required)
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