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mmo-games-grepolis-battle-screenshot mmo-games-grepolis-city-screenshot mmo-games-grepolis-cost-screenshot mmo-games-grepolis-town-screenshot
  • mmo-games-grepolis-battle-screenshot
  • mmo-games-grepolis-city-screenshot
  • mmo-games-grepolis-cost-screenshot
  • mmo-games-grepolis-town-screenshot


Grepolis is a Browser-Based Strategy MMORTS set in ancient Greece that allows you to build your own Greek Empire, construct an entire army, and wage war on land and at sea! Are you ready to conquer the world in the name of Ulysses, Achilles and the Heroes of Old? In Grepolis, you’ll summon the power of the Gods and lead your Greek Empire to strategic victory as you overcome enemy armies of mythological creatures and partake in glorious open-world PvP!

  • Publisher

    InnoGames Gmbh
  • Developer

    InnoGames Gmbh
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  1. Meh

    Grepolis has lost a great deal of popularity in the last year. New worlds fail to attract anything like the number of players that make for an interesting strategic game.
    The end game maybe a reason for this. After about a year of building cities and fighting other alliances the game is decided by mindlessly gathering resources to build the Wonders of the World.
    At this stage players will do anything to gain an advantage, trying to win by getting other players banned or sabotaging their alliance by poaching players or recruiting spies.
    Revenues must be falling because they keep coming up with new ways to gain an advantage by buying gold credits.
    The moderators also need a good lesson in customer service otherwise this game is going to die.

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