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MapleStory is a free-to-play side-scrolling MMORPG from Wizet and Nexton. offers a world in which fantastical adventures and realistic interaction collide. It is a place where hunting monsters and casting spells is as ordinary as befriending a stranger down the street. All it takes is simply creating your own character to venture out into the world of MapleStory—where it really becomes your story. Players adventure in the vast and vibrant Maple World, interacting with unique NPCs, fighting ferocious monsters, and adventuring with other players.

Maple Story Features

  • Classes and Sub-Classes MapleStory has several classes to choose from and sub-classes to specialize in, with players picking from the Explorer, Cygnus Knight, Hero, and Resistance archetypes and further specializing into sub-classes like Warrior, Thief, Blaze Wizard, Night Walker, Aran, Mercedes, Wild Hunter, Mechanic, and more.
  • Family Mentoring System Use the Family System to mentor other players and attain special buffs.
  • Monster Familiars Collect or purchase special cards to summon monster familiars to fight with you in combat
  • Title System Showcase your in-game fame with MapleStory’s Title System.
  • Parties and Guilds Adventure with other players and take on quests or form a guild and create your own guild emblem

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