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Power Soccer

What exactly is Power Soccer?

Power Soccer is soccer MMO playable from your web browser offering realistic, 3D soccer gameplay all in a browser.

There’s loads to do in Power Soccer. In this game, not only do you improve your own skills, your players get better over time as well. When you play matches, your team will earn experience points. When you have accumulated enough points your team will gain an experience level.

Each time your team gains an experience level you get the chance to improve your players. Select the skills you wish to increase with carefully and always take into account the players position and your preferred style of play. Do you want your attackers to be extra skilled at avoiding tackles or do you want them to shoot better?

There is also a ranking system in Power Soccer. This system is a measurement of how well your team is performing against other teams. A high-ranking team has won several tough official matches, while a low-ranking one is a team that isn’t winning much. All teams start with a ranking of 1000 points. You gain or lose ranking points by winning or losing official matches.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up, create your own team and challenge your friends to a soccer duel!

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