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Tanki Online Winter Fight

Tanki Online

Tanki Online is a free to play browser based tank game with more than 25 000 000 players spanning Russia, CIS, USA and Europe. Tanki Online was released in for the China market in August 2010. In Tanki Online players fight against each other, try to get more points and stay alive. These points can be reach through the destroying enemies tanks, capturing their flags and healing allies.

Tanki Online Key Features

Battles – this game contains the five types of battle modes. The first battle is divided according to the number of players. Then, you can fight in a team against other team and try to capture the most amount of enemy’s flag. Also, the players can fight for a number of points on the map or for the delivering flags to the opposite team side.

Ranking System – in order to reach the high rank, the player has to gain a certain number of experience points. The lowest rank calls Recruit and the highest is Generalissimo. The player with a high rank is receiving bonuses, the ability of unlocking maps and the possibility of upgrading equipment. All these abilities are essential parts of the game in order to succeed in Tanki Online.

Customization – with this feature the player is able to customize their own tank,protection paints, combining turrets and hulls according to your personal tastes.

Bonuses – this feature allows you to gain various bonuses like crystals, new parts of the equipment and others. Also, your tank’s wealth directly depends on the amount of crystals you gained

Garage – in order to increase an effectiveness of your tank, the player can regularly visit the garage and buy there new items. One of the feature is that the player can visit garage even during the middle of the battle, which is awesome! All available items and abilities can be bought with the collected crystals during the game.

Tanki Online

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