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shooter-mmo-games-world-of-tanks-update-8.0-screenshot (7) shooter-mmo-games-world-of-tanks-update-8.0-screenshot (4) World of Tanks in action! shooter-mmo-games-world-of-tanks-update-8.0-screenshot (6) shooter-mmo-games-world-of-tanks-update-8.0-screenshot (5) World of Tanks world-of-tanks_screenshot_20120523173414_9_original shooter-mmo-games-world-of-tanks-attack-screenshot shooter-mmo-games-world-of-tanks-war-tank-multiplayer-screenshot shooter-mmo-games-world-of-tanks-crosshair-screenshot shooter-mmo-games-world-of-tanks-roaming-screenshot shooter-mmo-games-world-of-tanks-fields-screenshot shooter-mmo-games-world-of-tanks-sky-screenshot shooter-mmo-games-world-of-tanks-lorraine-screenshot

World of Tanks

World of Tanks, a Free to Play Action/Shooter with a strong focus toward hardcore clan gaming and competitive eSports, will soon release Version 8.0, an update that includes a host of new engine improvements such as graphics, physics and lighting, alongside an overhaul of the user interface and a handful of new tanks.

Players begin by selecting a simple tank design and joining ‘quick matches’ designed to pair them up with other players of a similar skill level, and can customise their tanks using hundreds of upgrades on more than 150 real-world tanks. Regular tournaments, online leaderboards and official servers place World of Tanks as one of the most competitive F2P games available today.

  • Publisher

  • Developer

  • Platform

  • Area

  • Release Date

    April 12, 2011

System requirements

  • CPU:Pentium 4 2.0 Ghz
  • RAM:1 GB
  • HDD:3 GB+
  • Video:nVIDIA GeForce 6800
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