Eorzean Evening Post: What to do in Final Fantasy XIV While Waiting for Patch 3.4

Final Fantasy XIV will be dropping the newest patch, 3.4, on September 27. Though it’s only a few weeks away, if you’re waiting for new content, it can feel like an eternity. But I’m personally finding lots of things to do to keep me occupied.

If you need to catch up in gear or content, here’s some places to start. If you’ve already completed all the content you feel is relevant, I have a few ideas for you, too.

Save Grand Company Seals

We know that we’re going to get a new rank for our Grand Companies this next patch – the first one we’ve had in a while. It’s been so long, many of us have probably forgotten that in order to progress previously, it cost us a stack of Grand Company Seals.


Now, we don’t have any confirmation that this is how it will work this time. But just in case it does, now is a good time to work saving up seals for the future. There’s a number of ways you can do this:

  • Run FATES
  • Run daily Leveling and MSQ roulettes
  • Turn in gear, crafted items and gathered items
  • Run high level instances for gear drops

Are you sitting on a bunch of pink, blue and green gear? Maybe it’s time to clean out your inventory and see what you can toss to your Grand Company for seals. Keep in mind that the higher level dungeons and raids provide gear drops worth more seals. I find running Void Ark to be pretty lucrative since many folks are there for the Farthing and not thinking about rolling on gear for seals.

Max Your Reputation with Beast Tribes

Final Fantasy XIV seems to want to keep beast tribe daily quests relevant – even those from 2.0. They’ve played a big part in obtaining items for Relic as well as providing another avenue for leveling alt jobs to 60. It’s pretty safe to say that we’ve probably gotten all the beast tribe quests we will get for 3.0. Or, rather, I’ve not heard that we’re getting any others.

So, now is a great time to tie up any loose ends and finish earning max reputation with the tribes. For myself, I’ve earned max rank with all the 3.0 tribes, but never finished earning reputation with the Sahagin and Amalj’aa. I’ve made it my goal to go back and work through these dailies because this would have made working towards Relic a lot easier in the long run.

Finish the 3.0 Main Scenario Story

There have been some player-made censuses floating around lately that indicate that the number of player who have actually completed the storyline up to 3.3 is surprisingly low.


Patch 3.3 brought an end to the Dragonsong War, a story arc that players have participated in since long before Heavensward was launched. We’ve also been introduced to the Warrior of Darkness a few patches back, who is the springboard for the next story arc, beginning in 3.4. So it’s a good idea to buckle down and get caught up on Eorzean current events.

One thing that might block your progress in this, especially if you’ve taken a break between patches, is that in order to access the dungeons, raids and final trial of 3.3, you must have at least have an average item level of 205. So how do you go about getting that?

Gear Up

If you don’t already have an item level of 205, that’s fairly painless to obtain through gathering Tomes of Esoterics. You can get Eso for just about everything right now, including running the daily Leveling roulette with a level 60 character.

You’ll also want to participate in some Void Ark runs – not for the gear drops, but for the Mhachi Farthing you get at the end. You can trade this in for Illuminati Gobdip and Gobtwine, which you use to upgrade the ilvl 200 gear you purchase with Eso tomes to ilvl 210. Void Ark is a pretty smooth instance to run now days, considering most folks outgear it considerably.

So, with a combination of Eso Tomes and  Mhachi Farthings, you should be able to boost yourself to the point that you can access the content from 3.3. This allows you to complete the MQS and unlock the dungeons for the current Expert Roulette.

Now, if you’re already to the point where you’ve upgraded your Eso gear, and you might even have a few pieces of Lore Tome gear, you may want to hold off on spending any more Lore. Come patch 3.4, we’re getting Tomes of Scripture, and Lore will become more plentiful. I’m also going to take a guess that the cost for Lore armor will come down a bit. If that’s true, now is a good time to save up as much Lore as you can so that you can pick up gear at a discounted cost when the patch drops.

Save Up for Housing

We know that a new type of housing, the apartments, will be released come patch 3.4. We also know that apartments will cost 500,000 gil each. This isn’t a terribly expensive investment when compared to the cost of housing lots, but it may still be something to save up for.


Now, depending on what server you’re on, it may be the cost of furniture that you should be concerned about. You can bet that once new housing is released, the cost of anything related to decorating is going to skyrocket. So, now is a good time to do some research on the housing décor that appeals to you and how to obtain it.

Some things can be purchased outright on the market board. These will likely be more expensive later, so you may want to pick up what you want now. If you are a crafter or know a crafter who doesn’t mind making housing items, now is the time to start gathering material and getting stuff made.

Work on Relic

The previous patch has significantly nerfed the time and effort that it takes for the ilvl 210 step of the Anima Relic quest. If you’ve held back on getting your Relic started because of this, now is a good time to work on getting caught up.

I’m not going to say that we’ll never see another nerf to the beginning of the Relic process, but where it stands now, the quest feels pretty achievable. The drop rate for crystals for the first step has been increased. The second step of the quest still requires the same dungeons, but these are pretty straightforward. And they’ve brought the third step into line next to the others. We’re not going to see the next step of Relic with patch 3.4, so there’s still time to knock out some of that process if you’re looking for something to occupy your time.

Of course, there’s plenty of other activities you can indulge in. These are just some of the things that you can focus on to catch up or get ready for the new content at the end of this month.

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