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GDC 2017: Little War Online – The MMO for Everyone

It’s not often that the MMO genre crosses paths in the indie game space, at least not successfully. The genre itself can be rather daunting, especially for a 6-man team like Mobile Co Studios. Their simple, yet fun title Little War Online, however, proved to not only be a satisfying experience for World of Warcraft fans but also MMO newbies alike.

Right off the bat, you’ll notice that Little War Online has an endearing pixel art style with tiny blob-like characters. Don’t let the simplistic look fool you, though. These little guys make up a handful of classes that MMO fans will recognize and appreciate. Broken up by two warring factions, there’s the tank-like Knight and Warrior, and long-range DPS classes with the Archer and Lancer. You also have melee fighters with some added flavor, like the DPS/support hybrid Paladin, and there’s the Necromancer who specializes in poisonous attacks and summoning minions.

Little War Online


Before you go off adventuring there’s the town hub, which is where you will be doing your crafting and enchanting. The crafting system is simple enough by combining different gems together to form more powerful gems. These in turn can be used to enchant weapons and armor to boost stats and make your character more powerful. This will feel like home for WoW fans while also being easy to understand for everyone else.

Combat in LWO is also your standard fare with 4 abilities to choose from depending on your class. Certain moves – such as the Paladin’s heal – will have a longer cooldown than a standard melee. The hack ‘n slash gameplay allows for anyone to jump in and take down monsters with (or against) their friends with ease.

Little War Online


Speaking of which, there are different modes of play that again feels like a fundamental breaking down of what to expect in modern MMO titles. Form up a team, take on quests, battle monsters, and earn loot. There is also an arena mode to truly put your hard earned gear to the test against your friends.

One of the most impressive parts of LWO to consider is that you can play with friends no matter which platform you are on. In other words, someone on a mobile device can play with friends on PC. The servers seemed to be very fast to jump into also. I was told that this works seamlessly already during testing despite the game currently being in early access.

Little War Online


Little War Online feels like it keeps a lot of what makes the MMO genre so appealing while also keeping newcomers in mind. With its approachable design and aesthetics, this serves as a perfectly suitable title to scratch that itch and play with friends whether you’re at home or on the go with a portable device. You can download it now for PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android.

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