ESO Homestead update

An Intro to the ESO Homestead Update

The highly anticipated Elder Scrolls Online Homestead update is finally here. Purchase your fantasy dream home and fill it with trophies from your adventures across Tamriel. Invite all your friends or guild mates over or spend your time quietly crafting in your own abode.

A Friend In Need

In order to explore the ESO Homestead update, open up the Crown Store and look under the Quest Starter subheading. Select the free “A Friend In Need” Housing Brochure, find the item in your inventory, read it, and click on the menu to begin.

ESO Housing Update

The brochure directs you to seek out Canthion, an NPC found near the bank in either Vukhel Guard, Daggerfall City, or Davon’s Watch. The exact city will depend upon your alliance. I played this through as Aldmeri Dominion, so some details and locations will vary for the other alliances.

A Bad Tenant

Canthion has a problem. His tenant, Bulag Idolus, had been running a skooma operation out of her rented room. Once Canthion discovered the illicit activities, Bulag stole the key and the deed to the room and skipped town. The local guard won’t help Canthion out without the deed, so he needs you to recover it. The only lead that Canthion can give you is that Bulag had a falling out with her old partner, Szugogroth, who might be lurking in the nearest Outlaw’s Refuge.

ESO Homestead Update

Search your local Outlaw’s Refuge and choose an option to interact with Szugogroth. He tells you that Bulag left some papers behind and directs you to look through them. When you search the bag of papers you find a note that suggests that Bulag is hiding in Naril Nagaia in Greenshade.

Travel to Naril Nagaia and run through the delve until you reach Bulag Idolus, about halfway through the map. Talk to her once you reach her, she doesn’t offer up a fight. You can choose to kill Bulag or let her go. Either way, you have recovered the deed and key. Take it back to Canthion for your reward.

ESO Homestead Update

Decorating Your Room

Tired of the hassle of tenants, Canthion wants to award you the deed to Bulag’s former room. However, he wants to make sure you furnish the place and asks you to return with a piece of furniture. You can find furniture in several places: a furniture merchant, a guild trader, or your own crafty hands. The quickest and cheapest source will be the furniture merchant, with some basic pieces for sale for 100 – 250 gold. Obtain a piece of furniture and return to Canthion.

Once you speak with Canthion, he will present you with the deed to a room in the Mara’s Kiss Public House (for Aldmeri Dominion) and a list of other available properties. Before you get too caught up in shopping, enter your new room and practice placing furniture. The UI will prompt you on how to do this the first time you enter your room. Use F5 to enter and exit the housing editor. R will open a menu of placeable objects, while left-click will let you select items you have already placed.

ESO Homestead Update

When you select your item using E, the screen changes to another screen that shows three axes for the item, with controls to move it in each plane. The most important control to look at is the right-click option to align the item. This places it level upon the floor, although if you like things to look more disordered, then certainly play around with the placement.

ESO Homestead Update

The placement menu includes objects other than furniture that you can place in your house, allowing you to stash your mounts and pets at home. Choose as many or as few as you would like and show them around their new home.

Shop Around

Once you have completed the introduction quest, you can purchase any of several properties around Tamriel. Open your collections menu and select the new tab on the top right to look at all the home options. This is divided into collected homes and uncollected ones. Click on any that you own to bring up the option to travel immediately to that house.

For uncollected homes, you can click on them to learn some basic information and then travel to view the house before you buy. Once there, press F5 to look at purchase options and pricing.

ESO Homestead Update

You can also find all of the available houses on the in-game map. You will probably notice the new icon – it looks like a house in a box. Click on these to travel to that house for a preview, or if you’re in the neighborhood, simply walk up to the door and enter.

Houses are divided into categories: staple, classic, or notable, with different sizes and price ranges. The style of each house will be in line with its location. You can purchase each home as a furnished version in the Crown Store. Sets of furniture or foliage can also be purchased for crowns.

ESO Homestead Update

If you have purchased a home, it will be instanced, so you won’t have to share with other players or worry about thieves. However, you can invite friends or guild mates over to visit if you’d like.

For the Crafty

If you love crafting, then the ESO Homestead update will give you a lot to play with by crafting furniture. For every item, you will need to find a recipe (or blueprint, or pattern, etc. – each discipline has a different name for these). This works a lot like provisioning – find a recipe, click to learn it, gather the ingredients, then create it at the appropriate crafting station. You will need to have a minimum level of skill in the crafting discipline for certain recipes.

ESO Homestead Update

You will notice that there are some new ingredients needed for all the furniture recipes. These can be found in containers, as loot from mobs, or by gathering resources. If you don’t want to spend the time finding the ingredients yourself, several players are already selling stacks at the guild traders.

One of the unique aspects of crafting introduced by the ESO Homestead update is that several items of furniture require you to be skilled in several crafting disciplines. Additionally, each basic item type can be found in each racial style, with a different recipe needed for each one. The recipes are also being sold at guild traders.

Start saving your gold now and shop around. Find your perfect home and decorate it in your preferred style, and once you’re ready, invite all your friends for a visit.

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