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The Tyrian Chronicle: 10 Beasts You Don’t Want Waking You Up

Halloween was more than a month ago, but nightmares don’t care about that one day. They’ll stalk you as much as possible. Sometimes the fuel for nightmares are just walking around, especially in Tyria. The nights in Tyria have been deadlier than ever since Mordremoth woke up. The Silverwastes was the first area where the night cycle was more than just a change in lighting. Today we “celebrate” those nightmares with a list of 10 beasts you don’t want waking you up from your Tyrian slumber.

I’ll exclude Elder Dragon champions and unique monsters, since these are special and hopefully you’ll find a camp not close to either of those.

Karka Queen


My character still has nightmares from when she first encountered them. The small ones ate her face and clung to her legs. It took months to get her to sleep whole nights again. Oh, right. Have you ever stood underneath a hungry Karka? Its breath and beak will knock out your senses. The first because of the smell, the second because it leaves you terrified. Well, just don’t look at it. Don’t think you can kill it at once. You first have to break their armor before you have access to the flesh part of the Karka. Then you can kill it.

Vampire Beasts

Vampire beasts give vampires a good name again. They suck out your blood, bleed you dry and they run in packs. They’re often found in dark caves. Unlike the human vampires, these don’t turn into bats or appear humanoid. They’re more like megabats that walk on four legs. It’s not the most frightening thing in the Maguuma Jungle, but it’s definitely not a beast I want close to me when I go camping.

Risen Spiders

What’s worse than regular spiders? Spiders that come back from the dead. Zombie spider. What else is there to say? Nope. Big Nope.

Risen spiders are nightmare fuel first class. They’re huge. Twice as big as the average Asura. Lucky for you they only appear in Orr and a small place within Caledon Forest. Plan your camping outing accordingly.

Mordrem Wolf by Catherine Rokitka

Mordrem Wolf by Catherine Rokitka

Mordrem Wolves

Of all the dragon minions, these are in my opinion the worst. I think the Destroyers are pretty cute, the Risen I kill on sight, the Icebrood and Branded are mediocre compared to the Mordrem.

Mordrem wolves are nightmare fuel by themselves, with the creepy skull with flowery manes and what look like snakes coming out of its mouth. Should one of these wolves sniff you out, you’ll be sure to spend the next few hours running if you don’t have your weapons on you. These guys are fast. Speed boosts don’t matter, they will find a way to catch up with you. Keep your weapons on you at all times when you venture into Mordrem territory.


Wolves have the ability to summon their friends and there used to be a time when the summoned wolves could also summon their friends. You see my point? Infinite wolves, trying to gnaw on your ankles.


Creepy little buggers. Well, some are little. Most of them. But a few others are huge! You want to watch out for them, because they will tear the flesh from your bones before you can feel one snapping at you.

They’re classified as insectoids and they act like insects. Every type of Chak has its own job. Protecting, damaging, slowing or slashing at enemies. They work best in groups. They absorb ley line energy and so far they’re only seen in Tangled Depths, where the Asura worked with leyline energy. We have to watch out that they don’t start appearing at other areas. If Rata Sum was overrun with Chak, that would be terrible.

Wind riders

Ok, I’ll admit. These aren’t that scary, but imagine waking up and one of these is hovering over your face. Tentacles all over you. Yeah, that’s probably not an image you want to wake up to.

risen chicken

Watch out. They’ll peck you to death. Seriously.

Risen Chicken

Well, damn that thing. If you’ve played Zelda, you’ll be sure to have chicken nightmares. Or if you’ve been wandering around Ebonhawke. This is a zombie chicken though. And the zombie versions of anything are way more terrifying than the real thing. So, zombie chickens? A big nope. Also, these hurt like hell and are super fast. Watch out for pecks of these guys.


Fleshreavers are made of nightmares. They’re not found often in Tyria and that’s probably a good thing. Parent Fleshreavers ‘build’ their offspring by selecting only the premium meat to attach the skeleton frame they gave birth to. When the offspring is big enough, it’ll go out into the world to find more premium muscles to improve itself.

I want to meet the person who thinks up these creatures, honestly.

Twisted Watchwork

Twisted Watchwork minion made by Scarlet Briar

Twisted Watchworks

Scarlet made these creatures just to mess with us. These are terrible to meet at night. I wake up every day to the sound of my alarm and I don’t need any more reminders to get up early. No, these bastards can go. What’s worse? When you kill all but one, that one will know how to create more buddies. You better make sure they’re all dead. Really dead. And maybe smash the heads with a giant hammer. And salvage the parts.

These are ten beasts you definitely want to avoid when you’re going on an overnight camping trip in Tyria. They’ll kill you before you’re even fully aware of what’s going on. My advice is to keep your weapons at hand at all times. Especially when the moon is full. What’s the beast you definitely wouldn’t want to run into at night?

Wintersday will return next week, the 13rd of december. So prepare yourself. Save up some gold to convert to gems, because new things will appear in the gem store. Like the Fire Quiver Backpiece. But I’m sure there will be more. Old items will reappear with or without discount.

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