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The Tyrian Chronicle: Build Up to Path of Fire

This weekend is the first preview weekend for Path of Fire but thanks to this week’s patch, we’ve started seeing some signs of the expansion on the live server. These are just little flavor things that you could easily miss as they’re off the beaten path and in some cases feel like they’ve always been there. We’ll take a deeper look at each of the things I noticed had been added to the game in this last patch to get us ready for Path of Fire. This article won’t contain any Path of Fire spoilers, if you’ve watched the reveal of Path of Fire you’re as caught up as you need to be.



Build Up to Path of Fire

It has always been said that the Order of Whispers has a way in and out of Elona. A deeply guarded secret that few know about. Well, it would appear that at least from the Elona side the secret may be out. Just outside the Order of Whispers bar in Lion’s Arch are a bunch of newly added refugee NPCs. They use the new faces and hairstyles as well as new clothes we’ve not seen before. Some of them are laying down, quite clearly injured and being tended to by Aid Worker NPCs who are also new.

You can’t talk to the NPCs but it is pretty easy to infer a few things. First off we know that Balthazar ran off to Elona to cause trouble. Clearly, that trouble has started and the Order of Whispers has started evacuating people, or these people found the Order’s way through the desert and made it to Lion’s Arch on their own. Will we also be using this method to get to Elona? I don’t think so. Because…


A New Airship

There’s a new airship in Lion’s Arch. It’s a pretty fancy looking one too. You can see it parked up against the cliff next to the lighthouse and you can ever wander around on it, though it is empty with the exception of a few NPCs who are Lionguard, not Order of Whispers. If I had to guess I would say this is the ship we will be taking to get to Elona.

For me personally, this is a little bit disappointing for two different reasons. The first reason is, of course, the Order of Whispers lore. It’s just a little thing but I think for Order of Whispers players especially it would be really cool to be able to take their sneaky way into Elona. Who knows, maybe we will get such an opportunity. The other reason is that glorious gate outside Ebonhawke. It has been in the game since launch, guarded by an NPC. My hope is that while it may not be used right now, that might change in the future with the living story. Or maybe just used as another way to get to Elona from a different part of the world.


Ogden Stonehealer Goes for a Walk

Previously you could only see Ogden Stonehealer if you were a member of the Durmand Priory and you went looking for him in the Priory’s headquarters or you were playing season 2 of the living story. This isn’t the case anymore. You can now find him in Lion’s Arch at the Whispers bar. Is our dear Ogden switching sides? Or maybe he’s there gathering what information the refugees have to aid our coming fight. I do find it a little bit odd that he’s in the order of Whispers bar, seemingly having a drink. If you wait around long enough you may see him have a conversation with Hero-Tron about how unique Hero-Tron is and that there are scholars who would be interested in interviewing him. This makes me wonder if we’ll be seeing more of Hero-Tron in the future, even just as a little bit of flavor.


A New Point of Interest

There’s a new PoI in Lion’s Arch. It’s Ellen Kiel’s office, and it happens to be right next door to the Order of Whispers bar. Right now the door is closed, so nothing about the physical space has actually changed, yet. I get the feeling that we will be going to this office in order to get that ship mentioned earlier and go to Elona. If I had to guess, we’ll have a story marker just outside the doors and going into the story instance will take you inside her office.

That seems to be all the new things that have been added to the world, at least as far as I’ve seen. Have you seen anything else? Let me know.


That isn’t all that was added though. In getting ready for Path of Fire we also got a new collection achievement and a preparation pack in the gem store.

The collection is a simple weapon collection. Unlock all the Elonian weapons and get a title as well as an exotic weapon of your choice in the Sunspear style.

For 3,500 gems you can also buy the Path of Fire Preparation Pack. In it is…

  • 1 Character Slot
  • 2 Bag Slot Expanders, giving you the ability to carry more bags on one character.
  • Unbreakable Gathering Tools Container
  • 10 Black Lion Chest Keys
  • Black Lion Instant Level 80 Ticket

It may sound quite expensive but it is an incredible saving over buying them all individually. You are also currently limited to purchasing two of these. I won’t be getting any of these personally as I have 26 characters (all 80 now) and I don’t need to fuel my addiction any further. But if you’re thinking about making a new character for Path of Fire this is well worth investing in.

It’s great seeing things finally giving us a sense that Path of Fire is coming. Little things like this are what keep the hype alive for me. Though I am incredibly excited for the upcoming demos. Will you be playing the demo next weekend? Let me know what you’re hoping to see and try out in the demo by leaving a comment below.

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