Guild Wars 2 The Tyrian Chronicle

The Tyrian Chronicle: A Clash of Two Dragons

Right now in Guild Wars 2, we’re all playing the waiting game. It seems most likely that we’ll still have to wait several weeks before the new Living Story episode will come, and that doesn’t even mean we’ll see the climax of the story yet. We might not even see it this season. Of course, I’m referring to the two Elder Dragons we’re facing right now: Primordus and Jormag.

It goes without saying that we’ll be delving into spoilers for the current Living Story.

Taimi’s Genius

If you’ve followed the story so far, you know that Taimi is experimenting with dragon magic. She’s figured out that the Chak creatures can filter the dragon magic so that it will be pure energy once it’s gone through their bodies. She’s fast on her way to becoming the leading expert on all things dragons. I’m sure the Inquest would love to have her on their krewe.

The New Novus Krewe is working hard trying to advance their knowledge on Elder Dragons, while we’re doing the legwork for them collecting specimens. Taimi’s latest experiment with Omadd’s machine will be a crucial one. It’s comparable to what Scarlet was working on when her mind became corrupted. Scarlet was more susceptible to the dragon’s magic because she was a Sylvari, a dragon’s minion. She heard the voice of her master, but she couldn’t separate his thoughts from her own, which corrupted her. That kind of corruption is less likely for Taimi since she’s an Asura.

Guild Wars 2 - Corrupted Scarlet

Scarlet became corrupted by the thoughts Mordremoth planted in her brain

Taimi will attempt to use the machine to manipulate the dragon’s magic so they will fight each other instead of us. This could save a lot of people, potentially. That’s why she thinks it’s worth the risk. Tiny gal, giant heart. Please, ArenaNet, don’t kill her.

The Elder Dragons

For anyone who has played the second season of the Living World story, you might remember that your character has also seen the eternal alchemy. See the cutscene of the vision below.

You’ll notice there are six spheres which represent the dragons and their energy. The colors of these spheres are the same as in the inquest facility of the Infinite Coil Reactor in Mount Maelstrom and the Thaumanova reactor. We know the names of five of the dragons, just missing the name of the deep sea dragon (who has been given the nickname Steve Bubbles by the community).

The spheres light up in this order: Primordus, Steve Bubbles, Jormag, Mordremoth, Kralkatorrik and Zhaitan. This is what’s curious. On the wiki page, it says that the order of awakening of the last three Elder Dragons is Zhaitan, Kralkatorrik, Mordremoth. I think that the order revealed in the video is accurate, though. Mordremoth’s minions, the Sylvari, sprouted from the Pale Tree whose seed was planted 250 years ago. These seeds were protected by powerful plant creatures. I think the seeds were the eggs of Mordremoth’s champions, which makes the Pale Tree a dragon’s champion.

Guild Wars 2 - Inside Omadd's machine

In Omadd’s machine you’ll get a glimpse of the Eternal Alchemy and you’ll see the spheres

There is, however, no explanation why Zhaitan’s sphere lit up before that of Kralkatorrik, we’re missing some information here. Since Zhaitan is already dead, I don’t think we’ll be given an explanation unless we’re going after Kralkatorrik, which might give us some new information about the history of the Elder Dragon and reveal if Kralkatorrik has been active before 1219 AE.

Braham’s Attitude

One thing that I would still like to see this season is what’s going to happen with the Norn hunt. Braham is rallying his allies for a storm on the dragons, which is the undesirable option with the knowledge that we have, but Braham is as stubborn as Norn can be. I would’ve expected Braham to at least consider Taimi’s words, since he’s taken on the big brother role for her.

I think the progress on Braham’s story could potentially lead to the most character development of the major characters. When we met him, he didn’t have a very good relationship with Eir, his mother. That he takes her death so personally says something. He wants to honor her and keep up the Norn tradition. He wants to avenge her death, and while she was killed by Mordremoth, he wants to take out the closest thing to the Elder Dragon of nature, Jormag, the Elder Dragon of ice.

This hunt is his way to express and work on his grief, but I also think that he thought more of his mother than was previously mentioned. Eir’s death was a heroic one. She ventured into the heart of the dragon (the jungle itself was the dragon after all), and she fought bravely. Eir won’t ever be forgotten, so Braham definitely doesn’t have to risk his life to help people remember her legacy. If he dies, part of her legacy dies with him.

Jormag by Levi Hopkins two Elder Dragons

Concept art of Jormag by Levi Hopkins

Someone has to talk some sense into him. Rox made an attempt and now he has formed an exploratory group to scout out Jormag. While unspoken, it’s obvious Rox cares for Braham more than any other. He won’t listen to your character, and probably not any other human either. Maybe Knut Whitebear or Yngvi Rugnar (who might have taken over the father role after his real father, Borje, passed away) can convince him not to be too reckless. Both will want to hunt Jormag as well, but they might have the sense to see that battles have to be picked wisely. We already lost many in the fights against the two other Elder Dragons.

I’m not saying we have to pull a Logan. Not Braham, not the Norn and not your character. We should attack when they’re vulnerable. We’ve already learned that each dragon has its weak spot. We don’t know what it is yet for these two, but best to let Taimi do her thing and figure out what Jormag’s weak spot is before we attack him. Braham should delay his attack, not rush into it.

There is one more thing that should be addressed before the coming episode and I will explore that particular theory next week. Who is this Lazarus? Let us know your theories about him, the Elder Dragons and Braham in the comments below.

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