Guild Wars 2 The Tyrian Chronicle

The Tyrian Chronicle: Happy 1330 AE!

Another year has passed in Guild Wars 2 and a new one begins. Happy 1330 everyone! Let’s make this a good one. Hopefully we’ll kill two Elder Dragons, Jormag and Primordus, and we’ll finally get rid of Caudecus’ corruption. Who knows what else we’ll witness. We know that history will be made. I sincerely hope we’ll get more play time with our favorite dragon, Aurene.

Besides the major happenings in Tyria, there are also personal resolutions for the new year. While I’m not a big fan of sticking to a certain date to start these in real life (why wait?), the new year is a good mark to set some goals for Guild Wars 2. Do you have a special list with goals for Guild Wars 2? Share them with us in the comments! Maybe we can help out.


My First Legendary

Yes, I will finally finish my first legendary. Even if it costs me everything I have, which it probably will. I finished vol 1 of the Bifrost collection and I have half of the magic clovers and unidentified dye already, but I still have a long way to go. I’ll get there. I just have to focus on the specific parts. The Gift of Fortune is one I want to complete first and not the precursor. Should I get a different precursor before I finish The Legend, I can always make the other legendary first, since I also have two Gifts of Mastery already. One can hope, right?

My long term goal is to have two of the same legendaries for Twice Told Legend. That’s the one title besides The Emperor that I really want to obtain.

Guild Wars 2 - Bifrost 1: The Experimental Staff

Completing the first volume of the Bifrost collection is probably one of the easiest ones.

Ascended Armor

I still don’t have a complete set of ascended armor. I’m almost there, though. I hope to receive the last few pieces as a drop so I can save up my ascended crafting materials for Bifrost. My ranger needs three more pieces of zerker armor: shoulders, gauntlets and boots. It’s doable. Especially with the Ascended Shards in PvP I know that I can get them without crafting and being dependent on RNG.

After I’m done with my zerker set, I can look at more builds and see which other sets I need. I know I won’t have the resources to craft them, but I’ll know which one to pick when I have another chest drop. Light and heavy armor are next on my list, that’s for sure.


Community Spirit

I’ve never been a negative voice and I want to continue that by saying that I will not troll, flame or feed any negative behavior or conversation, and I will be helpful to anyone who needs it. Either by donating some of my time or resources, or by letting everyone know where the events are. I don’t see negativity in map chat often, thankfully, but that doesn’t mean it’s not happening.

I think the Guild Wars 2 community is great. It’s open and friendly to everyone and I would love it if it stayed that way. Let’s work together to keep this community great!


Achievement Points

It might seems silly, but I do want to focus more on achievement points this year. I earned one chest last year, which is not much of an achievement. I hope I’ll earn at least two more this year. I still have many achievements I can finish from the Living World episodes and for mastering the new areas.

Guild Wars 2 - 10,500 Achievement Points

I might be one of the slow people, but I finally got it!

PvP is another cause that contributes greatly to achievement points. Kills, won matches, completed objectives, weapon kills. All of it contributes to larger achievement tracks where the tiers also give you achievement points. And because the rewards from the chests help me with my other goals, PvP is one of the modes I’ll play more often.

Gaining achievement points also has synergy with my next goal.


Finish Mastery Tracks

I worked very hard the last few weeks to complete the gliding track and now I’m out of Maguuma Mastery points. I have two tracks that I can unlock instantly when I have the points, but I still have to take my time collecting the insights and strongboxes on the maps. This should be easier now that I have the whole gliding track unlocked.

The Central Tyrian masteries don’t have much priority at the moment. I have completed the Pact commander track and I now have the Legendary Crafting track active. I’m sure I’ll complete the tiers before I’m done with vol 1 of any of my legendaries. Fractal Attunement is the lowest on my list of priorities as I don’t play fractals that often.


Leveling to 80

I created a Norn Ranger last year that I want to level the old fashioned way. No Tomes of Knowledge, just hard work by killing things and doing events. While some people powerplay and only focus on the most efficient way to gain experience, I want to do it like I did four years ago. Re-explore the world of Tyria through a newbie’s eyes.

Using this method I’ll gain more map completion (in case I want more legendaries) and I can do outings to gather all the pieces needed for the scavenger hunts. That’s why I unlocked multiple Legendary collections.

Guild Wars 2 - Back to basics

I’ve started over from scratch. Maybe I’ll even create a F2P account, just for fun.

When you have multiple goals, especially big ones like I do, it’s good to find goals that you can combine. Playing PvP will help me with my achievement points, the rewards will help me get closer to my full ascended armor set and legendary crafting. Finishing my mastery tracks, I can focus on completing the scavenger hunts for multiple achievements (mini Aurene anyone?), legendary crafting and map completion. While that’s not one of my goals this year, I would like to complete all the Heart of Thorns maps.

What is the one things that you want to accomplish in Tyria this year? And what would be your biggest challenge? Share your thoughts below and maybe we can help you out!

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