Guild Wars 2 - Wintersday

The Tyrian Chronicle: Wintersday and Strange Rocks

Wintersday is back and we’re guessing it’ll stay for about two or three weeks. With this update PvP Season 5 has started as well. They made a whole bunch of changes to the PvP ranking system and skills. Be sure to test your builds before playing the ten placement matches. We’ll discuss more about the new PvP season next week.

There are also balance changes to all classes and a bit of polish added to the world. The patch notes also mention that bandit bosses have lower health due to continuous attacks from the Shining Blade. We almost forgot about them.



For any of the Wintersday festivities, you have to go to Divinity’s Reach. The human capital has hosted the holiday since Lion’s Arch was destroyed. You’ll find all of the activities from last year again. The Winter Wonderland Jumping Puzzle. The Bell Choir activity. Escort the dolyak, protect it from the skritt and gather your presents. The Toypocalypse is back. The Snowball Mayhem is back. If you’re a new player, this is your chance to get the Gift of Magnanimity in your home instance and collect Wintersday Gifts all year long.

It’s also possible to collect all the items for the cosmetic aura Winter’s Presence. It’s another invisible shoulder skin that gives your character the effect of falling snowflakes. Unlock the collection by buying the blueprint for 3 gold and 25,004 karma from Charity Corps Seraph.The items for the collection are either craftable or obtainable from the achievements. The Winter’s Presence collection requires you to do the Masterful Toast, which means you have to drink 10,000 Wintersday drinks. These are the alcoholic beverages that drop from the gift. While you can spam drink them, you do still need to get them all. If you’re in a rush, you can buy all the drinks, but do you really want to spend that much money? This achievement is the new version of the Guild Wars 1 ‘Drunkard’ title (one I still haven’t completed).

Guild Wars 2 - Wintersday Gifts

The Dolyak in Divinity’s Reach drops gifts. Be sure to protect him from the skritt!

However, there are some small changes, just like with Halloween. The content of the Wintersday gifts has been updated with new skins, weapons and tonics. If you have any unopened Wintersday Gifts from last year, or if you’ve been collecting them throughout the year, all the loot tables of the old gifts have been updated. There’s another cosmetic aura item in the Gifts this year. It’ll give you a frostbitten aura on your character. There is also a new mini in there: the Snowball mini.

With the new season, the contents of the Black Lion Chests have also changed. You won’t get Trick or Treat bags or Frozen Weapon Fragments now, but a Large Personalized Wintersday Gift. In the uncommon drops, the Infinirarium Glider and the Candelabra Staff skin have been added. The Black Lion weapon sets in the Black Lion chest have been replaced by the Wintersday weapon with a rare chance of dropping and the Zodiac weapons as super rare drops.

Guild Wars 2 - Black Lion Chest Wintersday

The preview option for containers is a blessing

There is also a new Black Lion Weapon Set. It’s ice themed, rather than festive, like the last few weapon sets. I think it’s perfect for any character going for a Nordic look. The weapons all have a cold aura surrounding them.


Love is in the Air

Christmas Eve always has that special kind of magic. Maybe you have that special someone in your life and just know you want to take that extra step. For this gesture, you usually take a ring with you. Now for all the Guild Wars 2 loving couples, there’s an engagement ring in game. Together with the wedding outfit and the beautiful plaza in Lion’s Arch, the setting for an in-game wedding is perfect.

If you want this ring, you’ll have to do a scavenger hunt. Some of the locations can be tricky to find, but Redditors have banded together to make the task easier. It all starts with a Strange Rock the Skritt from the contracts will find for you. You can also buy the Strange Rock on the Trading Post.

Guild Wars 2 - Destruction's Maw

The scavenger hunt consists of visiting four places and throwing the stone/ring into the fire around the Ember Bay mountains. First is Destruction Maw. Then go to the Burning Grotto. Next is Titan’s Perch. Lastly, you have to go to the point of interest near the Sealed Entrance. When you throw the ring in for the last time, you’ll be rewarded with an ascended ring, with all possible stat combinations, Rurik’s Engagement Ring.

When you start the Prophecies campaign of Guild Wars 1, you’re in Ascalon before the Charr invasion. You’ll meet Prince Rurik and Lady Althea. Prince Rurik and Lady Althea, daughter of duke Barradin, have been romantically involved and this ring is proof of their love for each other. The ring created from the Strange Rock is inscribed with “A token of my eternal love,“ a quote from Althea Barradin.

Guild Wars - Lady Althea

Lady Althea is one of your guides in Ascalon

Lady Althea is sacrificed to the Titans by shamans of the fire legion during the Charr invasion and Prince Rurik dies during your shared quest through the Shiverpeaks. It’s possible that the Titans were the ones who brought the engagement ring to the Ember Bay. Maybe we will find another token from the Prince in the Shiverpeaks. We will be going farther up north to reach Jormag or one of his champions soon enough. Braham challenged the dragon and called for the Norn to rally for an attack.

Now, if only Rurik’s Engagement Ring wasn’t account bound…

What will you be doing in the coming weeks; fighting your way to the top in ranked PvP or joining the festivities in Divinity’s Reach? Maybe you don’t care about either and will be exploring Bitterfrost Frontier, Ember Bay or Bloodstone Fen. Let us know in the comments below!

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