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Update on Funcom Office Raid

After watching and waiting to hear more about the raid that took place on Funcom’s head offices in Oslo word has finally come. The good news is that everything was back to normal the very next day and though investigations are ongoing no one (currenly working for Funcom) has been charged with anything.


The raid by Økokrim, Norway’s national authority in Economic and Environmental crimes took place because of an anonymous tip. The authorities took a handful of computers, none of them in the production area and then gave them all back just two days later. Claims were made that Trond Arne Aas, the previous CEO stepped down just as The Secret World launched because he knew that TSW wouldn’t live up to expectations. But stepping down he was able to dump 650,000 shares without being looked at by the financial regulator. If this is true it would be a case of insider trading. And of course there is still the accusation of manipulating the market between August 2011 and August 2012.