Free to Play MMOFPS DUST 514 at E3 2012

We’ve been following DUST 514 for a long time now at, partly because it’s the first real console MMO that we’ve been able to devote attention to, but mostly because we’re enormous EVE nuts, and have been playing in the DUST 514 beta non-stop since release.

If you haven’t already, you should check out our previous piece, Everything You Don’t Know About DUST 514 - this should help you get up to speed with what DUST is, what it does, and what it promises to do come release and the many epic years that are sure to follow.

mmo games dust 514

As for DUST 514 at E3 2012, having already played a lot in the beta, we weren’t expecting to see a lot that we hadn’t already. We were wrong.

First up, a new trailer was released exclusive to E3, that detailed a lot of the projected awesome that we hadn’t seen before, including more vehicles, more maps, more weapons, and, naturally, more awesome. Take a look now:

In terms of the playable version, which inside sources tell us we’ll be seeing in the beta very soon, a new map was shown alongside a bunch of graphical improvements, including denser dust particles and an overall cleaner film over gameplay.

There’s not a lot more to talk about at this point in time; again, we’ve been following DUST very closely on MMOGames, and we plan to continue doing so for the next few decades. Stay tuned.

P.S If you haven’t already, check out the first live orbital bombardment video we posted at the Fanfest below; you’re in for a treat. ;)