Action/Mech MMORPG ‘C21’ Enters Closed Beta

This just in! CyberStep have announced that their latest Action/Mech MMORPG ‘C21’ is about to enter closed beta!

C21 features tons of unique playable robots, a huge world to explore, andin-depth robot customization options. The game is a prequel to CyberStep’spopular MMO third person shooter CosmicBreak, and features many of the samerobots. The coming C21 Closed Beta Test will mark the first time that C21 hasever been available in English!

All players who participate in the Closed Beta Test will automatically receive over 50 free robots to play with during the 10 day test! Use this amazing opportunity to try out lots of different robots and learn all the ins and outs of the in-game world!
C21 goes live starting from 2:00 PM (PDT) April 7th, and runs through 11:00 PM
(PDT) April 17th. Mark your calendars!
Check out the C21 teaser page at

Click HERE to Join the Beta Today!

About C21:
Title: C21
Genre: MMO Action RPG
Operating System: Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7
Service Status: Closed Beta
Official Website:

C21 is a mecha themed MMO action RPG. The game features a large number of playable robots, whose parts may be mixed and matched freely using the game’s open ended robot customization system. Players team up to battle the evil forces of Chaos while exploring the expansive in-game world, which stretches over multiple planets.

About CyberStep:
CyberStep, Inc. has been creating and managing original online games since 2000. CyberStep’s titles are played worldwide in over 10 different countries, and include games such as SplashFighters, C21, GetAmped2, CosmicBreak, and HolyBeast. CyberStep is always expanding, and aims to connect different cultures around the world through the mediums of high quality entertainment and technology. 

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