Black Prophecy Episode 3: Rise of the Boids Released

Black Prophecy is a Free-to-Play Sci-Fi Space MMOG with twitch-based, action combat. Utilizing this twitch-based third-person and first-person flying, players navigate through space completing missions and blowing each other up. Publisher Gamigo is happy to announce that they have released Episode 3: Rise of the Boids, adding many request features to the game and continuing the epic story. Gamigo has released a new trailer for the latest content update, which can be seen below.

The level cap has been raised to 50, the first thing players have been asking for. Secondly, players wanted more storyline and more missions, Episode 3 has that too. The biggest addition however is the new PvE raiding system consisting of two raids which players can tackle together. These two raids are the most complex space missions that Black Prophecy fans will have tackled yet, so be prepared for a good fight! To give players a leg up, 11 new abilities have been introduced to help players in raids. There have been plenty of other minor fixes, but the most important thing is this promising MMO is getting exactly what it needs, which is more content.

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