Call of Gods Beta Key and Gift Code Giveaway!

Call of Gods: Athos official OBT open April 19th!

Calling all Undead Necromancers, Elven Rangers, and Human Warriors —œ the Call of Gods: Athos official open beta server is opening its gates at 19:00, April 19th! 

An innovative war strategy and RPG hybrid years in the making, Call of Gods features animated battles, lush graphics, and addictive PVP and PVE gameplay. Travel through sparkling green forests and barren, bone-ridden landscapes. Clash swords with giant scorpions and goblins in the dank Dungeons. Test your might with top gladiators in the Arena. Rub shoulders with characters in the Tavern, where you can seek new heroes —œ or new villains —œ to lead your armies to battle and victory.

If you’re an avid fantasy fan who looking for a fun browser game, or an avid gamer looking for a beautifully animated fantasy epic, then CoG is the game for you!

This beta server will be our first permanent server, and will be open to everyone and anyone! Call in your comrades and fellow adventurers, and see how far you can make it through the vast land of Masure! 

To celebrate the occasion, we are giving away free gift codes! Participate and play to get yours NOW! With this gift code, you are entitled to better weapons, better heroes and a much better chance to rise from the rest!

We await you at the majestic land of Masure. The gates to Regia Deorum has opened, the Gods have echoed their call. You have been summoned, pick up your sword and fight now!

Click HERE to get your Beta Key! 

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