Closers Voice Actress Fired Over T-Shirt Controversy

The story begins with a selfie. Specifically, a selfie of the Closers voice actress Jayeon Kim wearing a T-shirt with the words “Girls Do Not Need a Prince” printed on it. At first glance, this all seems rather innocent but once the controversy blew up around her, Nexon quickly decided to replace her.

girls dont need a prince Closers

So this shirt is apparently connected to the Korean feminist website Megalian, which promotes gender equality through the protection of anonymity by ‘mirroring’ some of the misogyny they encounter. As you might expect, the website is not very popular with much of the male population of South Korea and so the stink surrounding Kim’s shirt is fairly understandable.

Nexon announced today that they would be replacing the Closers voice actress “relating to the matters under controversy at this moment.” Though it doesn’t stop there as HeroWarz is also replacing Kim with a fresh voice actress.

According to a source over at Kotaku, the shirt in question is actually for a Megalian spin-off website called Megalian4, and Kim has come out saying that she isn’t a part of Megalian, nor does she have strong feelings about the site either way and is willing to accept responsibility if she did anything wrong.

Our Thoughts

It seems a shame for anybody to lose a job over a seemingly harmless statement on a T-shirt, but the controversy must have been pretty huge for two companies to replace Kim so quickly.

Your Thoughts

Do you think Nexon did the right thing by replacing the Closers voice actress? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Kotaku

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