Console Players Can Pre-Load the Destiny 2 Beta

If you’re one of the eager players who has pre-ordered your copy of Bungie’s upcoming FPS, the Destiny 2 beta will now be available for you to pre-load on either the Xbox One or the PlayStation 4 today despite PS4 players getting into the beta a day earlier.

destiny 2 beta

Downloads of the Destiny 2 beta should now be available for the PS4 and Xbox One as of this writing. Those who have bought in and registered their purchase through the Bungie code redemption website must select their preferred console to be sent a beta key, which can be done on the Bungie profile page.

Just in case you missed the initial report, PlayStation 4 players start their beta on Tuesday, July 18th and Xbox One players on Wednesday, July 19th. The beta will open up to all console players for the weekend on Friday, July 21st.

Our Thoughts

If you’ve bought in and done so on the “correct” platform, you’re one step closer to playing Destiny 2. We’re definitely eager to get started, but some of us in the MMOGames office are still too stubborn to play on any other platform beyond the PC. No matter how late that beta may arrive.

Source: Polygon

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