Consoles Receive Star Trek Online Season 13.5

The story continues for players of Star Trek Online on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 with the Season 13.5 console launch. The mid-season “half-update” brings a new episode and new systems to the MMORPG while the new episode will also offer up weekly rewards for playing the new episode.

season 13.5 console launch

The episode in question is titled “Brushfire” and tasks players with General Rodek and Klingon forces as they attempt to break out Trek: DS9’s Martok from a secret prison. The role of General Rodek will feature actor Tony Todd, while Martok will be reprised by actor J.G. Hertzler.

In addition to the Brushfire episode, 13.5 also introduces the Endeavour system for level 60 Captains to earn weekly rewards and an update to the Admiralty system to include the Ferengi Trade Alliance. Additionally, players will get to earn a new reward once each week for completing Brushfire, with this week’s reward being a Featured Episode Weekly Reward Box that has a choice of unique items.

As usual, the new update is completely free. Players can learn more on the official site.

Our Thoughts

Playing the same episode every week seems a bit monotonous, but if the rewards are good then perhaps players can ignore that. Otherwise, we of course hope that STO players on console enjoy the new content.

Sources: press release, official site

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