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Crowfall Makes Changes to Skill Progression

Let’s talk about skills. The skills to pay the bills. Or at least the ones that will help you progress in a throne war MMO. Crowfall skill progression is getting some pretty significant updates and a new post shares all of the details.

crowfall skill progression

For those not familiar, Skills in Crowfall are account-bound benefits that train progressively over a period of time, whether you’re online or not. Skills associate themselves to at least one stat per character, and Skills can increase one type of stat multiple times.

Previously, skill training progress was marked from a value of 0 to 100. Now, that same value is being broken up into five different Pips that will unlock or “ding” every 20 points of progress. In addition to being a graphical change, the stat boosts associated with a Skill’s progression won’t make an impact until a Pip is unlocked. Advancing to the next Skill in a Tree will also no longer require maximum advancement and will instead unlock when a Skill has at least three or four Pips.

It’s important to note that Skill training will move a bit differently for VIP and non-VIP players. VIP members will see skills progress to their maximum value whether they’ve logged in or not, while non-VIPs will have to log in and adjust their skill trains in-between dings.

Skills are also seeing a variety of graphical adjustments as well, with tooltips that provide players with more information and improved icons in the Skill Tree to provide an idea of how the next Skill in the tree can be unlocked.

Our Thoughts

While waiting for a Pip to fill to feel an impact on your stats seems like a bit of a nerf, this could serve to make skill progression carry a bit more of a real impact. We’re definitely interested to know how these adjustments feel in the hands of players.

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