Crowfall Readies its First Campaign Test

Testing in Crowfall has been, to this point, purely mechanical without too many direct objectives. That is about to change very soon as a new Crowfall campaign test is about to get underway, with several major changes planned in the MMO’s first draft of some regular gameplay features.

crowfall campaign test

Creative Director J. Todd Coleman made it abundantly clear in the announcement that the upcoming test is exactly that: a test. “Please don’t read that as our-first-fully-functional-campaign-that-we-can-all-play-and-it-will-be-like-a-released-gam!…because it won’t be that,” reads the post. “By this point you guys know the drill: please consider this more test than playtest.”

With that said, this will indeed be a feature-loaded test. The campaign will introduce new fog of war mechanics in place of a fully viewable map. Areas of the map are revealed through regular exploration, or through the efforts of cartographers who can craft and sell maps.

Why roam the land mindlessly? Because the objective is to capture as many Forts and Keeps as you can for your faction. Both installations will be in various states of disrepair and will require coordination to build back up and defend. To that end, there will also be resource points-of-interest like quarries and mills that will spawn resources for repairing holdings. These POIs will need to be found and protected.

crowfall campaign test

With the introduction of holding Forts and Keeps, a win condition is now available as well, with a slider on the top of the screen showing off which of the factions – Order, Chaos, or Balance – are holding the most territory. Order or Chaos wins if either faction has the most Strongholds, while Balance wins if there is no clear winner between the two. In order to achieve its goals, players on the Balance faction will become allies to the losing faction automatically in terms of targeting and friendly fire.

The Campaign test will begin on the MMO’s newly-created Test server, though a date for the test’s start has yet to be announced.

Our Thoughts

Regardless of this being just a test, it’s hard to not get excited by this development. Even if these systems start out rough around the edges, they represent a major advancement for Crowfall, and we can’t wait to see how this campaign test will go!

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