Crowfall Talks Game Systems in Latest ACE Q&A

Crowfall has put out their August Q&A video, and the subject for this month is all about game systems. Design Lead Thomas Blair and Senior Game Designer Mark Halash have pulled a selection of questions from the playerbase and addressed gameplay system matters directly.

august q&a

The first question dealt with CC immunity and how it operates in Crowfall. Halash explained that there are three forms of CC in the game currently: hard control like stuns and knockdowns, movement control like roots and snares, and attack control that halts the ability to attack but lets the target move. Players who are hit by one form of CC multiple times in a short period of time will see those effects reduced until there is a point where that player will be immune to CC for eight seconds, and it was further explained that each of the forms of CC are on their own separate timers.

Another question asked about why a “small MMO” like Crowfall would intentionally restrict players who want to partake in combat, crafting, and exploration at the same time. It was explained that the design was intentional and that the devs want players to specialize. “We’ve said this for years now. No-one is the best at everything,” said Blair. “People will specialize and specialization is what will make people seek each other out.”

The Q&A also took questions about how crafting blueprints will work, the addition of harvestable materials and Disciplines from certain creatures in the world, and a fair bit more. You can watch the full video below.

Our Thoughts

We particularly like the answer to the “jack of all trades” question. Forming a community of players that actually cooperates will require that certain gameplay styles will need to coexist. When everyone’s special, nobody is, so we definitely support the decision to require specialization.

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