The Crucible in Destiny 2 Will See Some UI Changes

A new video from Bungie has shown off a number of minor but impactful Crucible UI changes arriving to Destiny 2. As the game leads into its beta test on console, PvP-minded players will be getting a few new features.

crucible ui changes

Destiny 2’s Crucible will now feature a UI element on the top of the screen that will let players track Super Abilities for themselves, their team, and their opponents. There will also be a new Map Callouts feature that will let you direct teams to locations where you are located during a fight. Finally, there will be an alert on-screen when a player loads up Power Ammo, including the type of ammo and its location.

The beta for Destiny 2 will feature two Crucible match types: Countdown, where players must plant or defuse a Cabal bomb, and the classic Control game mode.

Destiny 2’s beta is arriving to consoles for those who have pre-ordered. You can take a look at the new Crucible UI elements in action in the embedded tweet below.

Our Thoughts

Like the tweet infers, an informed Guardian is a dangerous one. These new UI elements should make conveyance of objectives and the flow of Crucible matches a little more obvious and will hopefully introduce some new strategic thinking to Destiny 2’s PvP. We’ll have to wait and see what players think of these new additions once the beta goes live.

Source: Twitter via Dot Esports

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