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CS: GO Inferno Map Returns

The evergreen favorite CS:GO Inferno map has returned to the game with a new look and new adjustments in order to make the space even better for counter-terrorist and terrorist teams alike.


According to an entire page devoted to the map the layout itself has not been redesigned, with changes focused on quality-of-life and tweaks to gameplay. The team set out a series of goals for itself when taking a look at Inferno, including improved visibility and other adjustments based on community feedback.

Bombsite A has had some features removed to make breaching the defensive position a little easier, with improved ways for attackers to use smoke grenades and flashbangs before clearing, and new sniping opportunities between the library and balcony. The path to the balcony has also opened up and the “dark bedroom” in the apartments has been replaced.

Bombsite B and the path leading to it have seen the most changes due to heavy community feedback, with soft cover replacing the car at the top of the Banana route, a wall that can be boosted over and a wider final stretch to the bomb site with extra cover pieces. There were even changes to the skybox to prevent smoke grenades getting to site B from other areas of the map.

The full compliment of adjustments, including a series of before and after pictures, can be seen on the official site.

Our Thoughts

Inferno is obviously a very important and popular map to warrant creating an entire page to its redesign, and we hope that the changes make players of CS: GO happy. It looks like the developers have put a lot of thought in to making Inferno a beloved and balanced map, and we’re curious to know how players will take to the new features.

Your Thoughts

What do you think of the new-look Inferno? Are you pleased with the changes made, or do you think the developers left something on the table? Give us your thoughts below.

Source: official site

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