Dauntless Dates Alpha Test for Founders

If the idea of Dauntless excited you so much that you’ve spent $80 on it, your investment is about to pay off. The Dauntless Founder’s Alpha has been officially dated, granting fans their first opportunity to try the online beast-slayer game.

dauntless founder's alpha

The reveal of the Founder’s Alpha also coincides with the start of a Partner Program for content creators. Dauntless has put out a call to streamers, artists, and other content creators to prepare to share their Dauntless-related media. Specifics of the program are yet to be revealed, but interested creators can send an email to the devs and expect updates in the coming weeks.

For the less creative among us, the Founder’s Alpha will begin on Friday, August 18th. The alpha test will not have any NDA, granting players the opportunity to stream, capture and share their experiences with the game. If you’re so inclined to join in, Founder’s Packs can be purchased here.

Our Thoughts

Our time with Dauntless at this year’s E3 provided with a lot of food for thought, so we’re looking forward to seeing and hearing more about this unique multiplayer title over the next several weeks. Are you among the Founders, or are you waiting on first-hand impressions before you buy in?

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