Dragon’s Call Defends Against Massive Hack Attacks

Dragon’s Call is a popular free-to-play browser-based MMORPG available in Chinese, English, Russian and Arabic. Recently the Russian server began receiving reports from players about several big issues. On the afternoon of February 26th, a large amount of hackers began launching attacks on the Russian version of the browser game.

MMO Games Dragons Call Artwork

Players discovered that their gold had been spent, gear was stripped from characters, accounts were stolen completely and some guilds found they had been disbanded. Upon receiving these reports the developer acted swiftly and reluctantly shut down the server and rolled back the data. 

The hackers also made attempts to hack the Arabic and English Sever 9, but due to the efforts of the developers these hacking attempts were interrupted, preventing further losses. This event is a good reminder for gamers to keep their accounts safe, secure and change their passwords regularly.

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