Dungeons and Dragons: Heroes of Neverwinter Beta Review

Dungeons and Dragons: Heroes of Neverwinter is the latest MMO instalment in the Dungeons and Dragons franchise. This is also the franchise first venture into the social media game realm. It got depth, it fun’s oh, and it a facebook game!
You start of Heroes of Neverwinter by creating a character. So far in the beta, you have the choice between Dragonborn, Human, Halfling and Eladrin as playable races, and the choice between fighter, cleric, wizard and rogue as classes. You can play as one of four premade race/class options or you can create your own, with a maximum of 5 player slots being available.
Once you’ve created your character you’ll be thrown straight into Neverwinter, crusading through the game dungeons and fighting many quick-witted foes. The tutorial will hold your hand through the start of the game, introducing you to the great turn-based tactics combat system.
When entering an encounter with an enemy, your party will stop and each character in your party will have their individual turn to do as they wish; be it healing, attacking or simply moving. Each fight requires a good level of tactics and some forethought before each move. The tide of battle can easily turn by misusing a command, or even by something as missing an attack; each attack being influence by typical Dungeons and Dragons stat points, which you will earn levelling up.
Before going on a quest in dungeons, you must assemble a party (or go it alone if you’re brave), through the use of a recruitment system. Upon entering the Tavern, you can talk to _ and a short list of other players characters of which you can select to join your party, will be available to you. There a good variety of other characters to choose from all the time, so it easy to pick your dream party.
Upon completing a quest, you will be given 8 chest cards to pick from, the one of which you pick will be your prize. Prizes range from anything from gold to diamonds, supplementary currency, of which you’ll have to spend real money on if you want a decent amount.
Of course, there is a merchant in town who will sell you some nice gear and items that will be helpful on your quest. Diamonds are needed, sometimes on top of gold, to purchase anything of really great value, although this aspect will not hamper those who choose to play the game freely. They will however, give your character a great boost.
The social aspect of the game is much like other facebook games, where you can add your facebook friends as allies. You can visit their houses, which will grant you the ability to pick and item, and if you’re feeling generous, you can send them items too.
Allies can also be chosen to accompany you on your, in place of the random assortment of other peoples’ characters on facebook that are your usual choice. As you’d expect, it a lot more fun and a lot more beneficial for both you and your friends to play the game regularly and to help each other out. In turn, you will level much faster.
Once you reach level 10, you will be able to craft your own dungeons for you, your friends, or anyone else in the land of Neverwinter to play. This makes for some innovate design from the community and allows players to have a break and just have some fun.
It not a game you can play autonomously, like many popular facebook games out there, and for this I salute Heroes of Neverwinter. The tactics system is solid and streamlined and, most of all, fun! This is one facebook game I can proudly proclaim has focused on gameplay. It a breath of fresh air when it comes to facebook games, and for that, I can proudly recommend it and shall continue playing.
Check out Heroes of Neverwinter today, and visit the official facebook page!

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