The Elder Scrolls Online Announces Release Dates for Horns of the Reach

Today appears to be a day for MMO content expansion announcements. The Elder Scrolls Online has just confirmed the Horns of the Reach launch dates for PC, Mac, and console in a tweet sent out this afternoon.

horns of the reach launch dates

According to an image shared on Twitter, Horns of the Reach will land on PC and Mac on Monday, August 14th, while Xbox One and PS4 players will see the content pack release on Tuesday, August 29th. The content pack will be available for free to ESO Plus members or at a price of 1500 Crowns in the in-game store.

Horns of the Reach will bring two new dungeons, unique item sets and Monster Masks, and a variety of achievements, boss collectibles, and titles. Achievement hunters who manage to get all of the achievements in the content expansion will be rewarded with exclusive costumes and a new dye.

Our Thoughts

It’s not a particularly beefy content update, but we’re certainly not going to say no to some more dungeons and items in ESO. We’re looking forward to seeing what challenges Horns of the Reach will bring to players of The Elder Scrolls Online.

Source: Twitter

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