The Elder Scrolls Online Shows Off the Falkreath Hold Dungeon

Minotaurs. If they’re not looking like the angriest bulls you’ve ever seen, they’re terrorizing fantasy worlds. In ESO’s Falkreath Hold preview, players can get an idea of the sort of angry cows they’ll be up against and the kind of rewards awaiting those who conquer the upcoming new dungeon.

falkreath hold preview

If Falkreath sounds familiar to you, then you’ve played Skyrim, though the city will be in its prime due to the setting of The Elder Scrolls Online. Falkreath will be a much larger location with high stone walls, though familiar sights like the Shriekwind Bastion will still be around.

Falkreath Hold is set during a siege attempt by the Dreadhorn Clan, a marauding alliance of men and minotaurs. Players will need to be wary of environmental hazards from the Clan’s siege engines as well as several powerful bosses such as the Minotaur chieftain Domihaus the Bloody-Horned.

Victory at Falkreath Hold will yield three unique armor sets as well as a monster mask set, furnishings, collectibles, and more. Those who beat the dungeon for the first time will also be able to purchase Hakkvild’s High Hall homestead with gold, though players who aren’t looking for group content will be able to buy the home from the in-game store as well.

Falkreath Hold will arrive with the launch of the Horns of the Reach DLC, which is due sometime in August. You can take in the full preview on the ESO website.

Our Thoughts

Setting a dungeon in the middle of a city siege sounds like an intense experience and opens the way for a lot of environmental hazards and big battles. We’re most definitely looking forward to taking back Falkreath and beating down some minotaurs!

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