ESL Pro League Broadcast Exclusive to YouTube Gaming

It look like YouTube Gaming is taking another swipe at the Twitch throne; the upcoming CS: GO ESL Pro League broadcast is going to be streamed exclusively on YouTube Gaming according to insider reports.


The report is sourced from anonymous individuals who are stated to have knowledge of the decision, which is part of a deal between YouTube Gaming and the World eSports Association (WESA).

Season 5 broadcasts will begin on the ESL YouTube channel starting on Tuesday, February 7th and will run weekly every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. It all culminates in to a Season 5 LAN Finals on June 3rd and 4th in Dallas, TX.

There is currently no word from the ESL at the time of this writing to confirm the broadcast deal.

Our Thoughts

This is a bold move by the ESL Pro League, and we’re curious how fans of the CS: GO eSports event will take to the news. Twitch is without a doubt the preferred streaming venue for many digital competitions, so we’re curious if this shake-up will affect the league.

Your Thoughts

Do you support the decision to host the ESL Pro League broadcast on YouTube Gaming, or do you think the event should be put on Twitch as well? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

Source: Slingshot eSports

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