Eudemons Online

Eudemons Online Receives New Update And More Coming Soon

Eudemons Online has gained a new update today, with the release of the fourth generation of Weapon Souls. In addition, new mounts are coming to the game as well with limited availability.


Shiny new weapons!

Eudemons are most crucial element in Eudemons Online, with new Eudemons and mounts released every now and again. However, these items are limited and not easy to obtain. One of the mounts is a Ghost Pumpkin Carriage flying mount, which will serve as a wonderful to ride during Halloween. No costume needed at all!


Ghost Pumpkin Carriage!

Additionally, there is another limited flying mount that mixes the shiny skin of dragons together with one massive body, including giant sharp wings and the keen eyes of an eagle. Only the bravest of heroes are able to train him to be a formidable weapon on the battlefield!


Ride this epic dragon mount into battle!

Furthermore, the new class Shadow Knight is approaching as well, with more limited Eudemons, weapons, garments and other hot items that will be revealed very soon. So stay tuned!

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