Fiesta Online: Expedition To Adealia Launch Trailer Released

Fiesta Online is a Free-to-Play Fantasy MMORPG renowned for its cute anime-style graphics. Today publisher Outspark has released a launch trailer for the upcoming expansion pack, Expedition to Adealia. For the first time ever, players will leave the continent and take a wild flight across stunning vistas to a new land in the sky. The trailer introduces us to the storyline of the expansion along with new monsters such as a fire-breathing winged chimera and heroes such as the great leader Abalita. This great hero uprooted the town of Adealia from the darkness below and casted it up in to the heavens.

“Players are going to be very impressed with the rich backstory and exquisite art direction of Fiesta: Expedition To Adealia,” remarked Philip Yun, CEO of Outspark. “Fiesta developer, Ons On Soft, has created considerable intrigue around complex characters and a lush, expansive landscape. We’re very excited about the experience our players are going to have with the game and look forward to seeing our creative community evolve the space.”

Expedition to Adealia is set to launch in January 2012, as always the content will be free-to-play. Players should expect the largest content update yet with this massive expansion introducing many new features. OutSpark has released some new screenshots and concept art for you to enjoy while waiting patiently for January to arrive, check them out below.
MMO Games Fiesta Online Expedition to Adealia Concept Art
MMO Games Fiesta Online Expedition To Adealia Screenshot
MMO Games Fiesta Online Adealia Monster Screenshot
MMO Games Fiesta Online Adealia Evil Army Screenshot
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