Fortnite Begins Early Access for Pre-Orders

If the idea of Fortnite got you to shell out money ahead of the game’s ultimate free to play launch, then today is your day. Fortnite early access has officially begun on the PC/Mac, PS4, and Xbox One.

fortnite early access

The length of time of early access is undecided, though the game’s FAQ still states that Fortnite will launch free to play sometime in 2018. Otherwise, the game is now open to all who have bought in regardless of Founder’s Pack tier.

The game’s purchase page offers bundles similar to those that were first on sale, with in-game goodies and prices holding steady since the game’s reveal in June.

More specific information about early access for Fortnite can be found here, and a new trailer heralding the early access release can be seen below.

Our Thoughts

We’re definitely curious to know how Fortnite plays now that the gates have swung open for everyone who pre-ordered. The game certainly looks like madcap fun, but we’re also wondering how much longevity a title like this will have.

Source: press release

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