Guild Wars 2 Announces a Weapon Design Contest

If you’ve ever sat around and thought “A greatsword made out of night or day? Pff. That’s lazy. I can do better than that,” then now’s your chance to prove it. The Guild Wars 2 weapon design contest is granting players the opportunity to leave their mark on the MMO as it enters its fifth year of operation.

guild wars 2 weapon design contest

From now until Sunday, October 8th, budding weapon designers can download a .ZIP file with guidelines and templates to create their own Guild Wars 2-themed weapon design. According to the contest rules, contestants cannot submit more than three designs and there are a number of parameters and requirements to follow such as file size, format, and template layout.

Once a submission is complete, contestants need to file their design through an official submission form, where 20 finalists will be selected and have their creations put to a community vote. The top three winners will have their creations used as inspirations for new in-game weapons, along with various physical and digital prizes.

Complete information, including download links and contest rules, can be found here.

Our Thoughts

Considering that Final Fantasy XIV has been putting together fan-designed armor contests for a little while now, we’re definitely ready to see how creative the fans of Guild Wars 2 can be with their creations. Let’s see some truly remarkable weapon designs, people!

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