Guild Wars 2 Discusses Mounts in a Dev Video

Guild Wars 2 mounts. They’re the marquee feature coming with the Path of Fire expansion and are a great topic for a new developer video, which discusses the design of the MMO’s mounts and how they affected the shape of the entire expansion.

guild wars 2 mounts

As is often the case with the devs of Guild Wars 2, they considered what other MMOs have done with mounts and how they could change its dynamic. “In most games, mounts are just this speed boost,” said developer Roy Cronacher. “We really wanted to push the joy of movement. We saw it worked so well in the past.”

That “joy in movement” is referring to the fact that Mounts have a variety of unique abilities to help them traverse the land in unique ways, either through jumping great distances or leaping to new heights. Of course, this new level of locomotion has changed the expansion’s maps, which are said to be larger than the game has had previously with new terrain features to take advantage of the enhanced movement.

You can take a ride on the Mounts deep dive video below.

Our Thoughts

As we discussed in our impressions piece of the first Path of Fire expansion preview weekend, we love the new mounts in Guild Wars 2 and have found it very hard to go back to the regular game without them. Now all we need to know is how to get that kangabunny…

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