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Halloween and Anniversary Combined in War Thunder Event

Even if you’re an online military game, that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate Halloween! The War Thunder Halloween event is going to do just that, along with a second reason to celebrate: the game’s four year anniversary.

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The combined celebration will feature ground and aerial races with the M18 Hellcat tank and the Polikarpov Po-2 bomber respectively. Those who manage to complete the race course will be rewarded with Witches’ Cauldrons that contain a variety of spooky vehicle adornments or boosters that improve earnings.

The in-game store is also celebrating with 50% discounts on vehicles, premium accounts, modifications and more.
As the celebration moves forward in to November 1st, the game’s four year anniversary will introduce special events including a PvE event, special gifts and other discounts coming to the in-game store.

Halloween in War Thunder begins on Friday, October 28th and runs through the game’s anniversary until November 2nd. You can learn more about the Halloween celebration here and read up on the fourth anniversary here.

Our Thoughts

First of all, congratulations to the developers of War Thunder for four years of operation! We love the idea of having tank and airplane races and can’t wait to learn more about what other treats are in store for players during the event!

Your Thoughts

Will you be taking part in the events happening this week in War Thunder? How long have you been playing the game? Share your thoughts with us below

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